Markham Photography | About
Hi, I’m Brian!
I love art, music, travel, great food, and animals.  I take photos and play guitar every chance I get. 
My wife Julia and our daughter Juna are the center of my universe.
I grew up in Colorado and Wyoming, and I think the beautiful but down-to-earth personality of these places really shaped me as a person and an artist.  
I pride myself on being easy going and fun to work with.  Some people even say I’m a pretty funny guy.  I can live with that.
A little over a decade ago, I decided that I’d like to see a little more of the world while I was still (sort of) young, and that I would surely need a camera.  I bought the best one I could afford, and got on a plane to Asia.  Capturing the excitement and wonder of travel in photos quickly made me realize the real power and beauty of photography, and I’ve been hooked ever since.
I started shooting weddings and portraits in 2006 to finance my travel and photography equipment addictions, and I knew right away that I had found something I would love doing for the rest of my life.  Shooting weddings and family portraits wasn't just getting paid to do something I love. It felt like I was doing something exciting and fun, but also important. I was lucky enough to be creating heirlooms for my clients, that they and their families would cherish for a lifetime. To me, this is everything a creative person could ask for!
I understand the enormous sentimental importance of photographs, and I feel I owe it to each and every client to give them the very best images and experience I can.
Thanks for stopping by my site to view my work.
-Brian Markham